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Mediaclone SuperImager Plus Desktop XL

SuperImager® Plus Desktop XL Supreme with 16 SAS/SATA, 4 U.2 NVMe, 10 USB3.2, 2 10GbE - DUAL OPEN OS

MediaClone introduces the SuperImager® Plus Desktop XL Supreme, an advanced forensic imaging solution equipped with 16 SAS/SATA ports, 4 U.2 NVMe ports, 10 USB3.2 ports, and 2 10GbE ports. Tailored for labs facing imaging challenges, this standalone device excels in simultaneous data capture from various sources, providing an effective response to imaging backlogs.

SuperImager Plus Desktop XL Supreme: Cutting-Edge Forensic Imaging

  • Flexible Connectivity: 16 SAS/SATA, 4 U.2 NVMe, 10 USB3.2, 2 10GbE ports.
  • Efficient Operations: Simultaneous capture of data from diverse drives and cellphones.
  • Selective Imaging: Targets specific files, folders, partitions with independent E01 capture sessions.
  • Network-Ready: Seamless uploads to the network (SMB, CIFS, NFS) for efficient data management.
  • Security Measures: Secure erasure, real-time AES256 encryption during capture.
  • Enhanced Analysis: Quick keyword search, third-party applications for cellphone data extraction.
  • Flexibility: Configurable ports for varied imaging scenarios.
  • Write Blocker Bridge: Secure bridge for read-only access via iSCSI protocol.

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