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A software developed for law enforcement and immigration authorities in need of a solution for quick investigations at specific hot spots. Once a data extraction from a smartphone has been performed (UFED, MSAB…), LEAP reads the extracted data, performs an automated analysis based on neural networks and creates a report summarizing just the information the user is looking for. It’s quick and efficient, saving time and money in investigations that otherwise require great amount of manpower.

The LEAP software is technically divided into three main module categories, including the following features:
1. Data analysis including location data, language detection, contacts, accounts, … (.identity)
2. Image Recognition detecting image classes like narcotics, weapons, passports, … (.media)
3. Aggregated data and correlation analysis of multiple mobile device extractions (.interlink)

LEAP can ideally be used in any investigative setting that requires fast answers, such as border control checks, counter terrorism investigations, narcotics crime investigations, or detecting crimes against children.


  • LEAP is highly customizable to the customer’s needs.
  • It can be adapted to pre-existing case management systems or can be used with easy-to-understand web interface. It allows full automatization of the analysis process (analysis takes seconds).
  • LEAP can analyze the extractions made by common toolkits (UFED, XRY, etc.) Furthermore, MNO data can be optionally added and would enrich the meaningful reports.
The analytical approach of LEAP differs immensely from other forensic products on the market: Common mobile forensic analytic solutions are relying on the technical expertise of case workers and manual steps on front-end heavy processes, still requiring time and technical knowledge even when implementing some degrees of automation. In contrast to that, LEAP acts as a background service, allowing fully automated analysis and reporting conducted in one step. The front-end of LEAP allows (little) interaction to run different iterations and facilitates further adjustments to the investigated cases. This is the strength of LEAP, it can be used and run in a surrounding of technical layman and gives immediate feedback to the investigator in charge.

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