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Automate your forensic tools & create intelligent workflows

Cascade Forensic Automation is a scalable solution combining policy driven automated workflow with high speed acquisition, core SPEKTOR triage tecnology and 3rd party tool integration.

Accelerate investigation

Automate & Eliminate

Reduce Delays

Reduce Outsourcing

"Every time a human touches the evidence, it takes longer and costs more". Let CASCADE do the heavy lifting and get results sooner

Eliminate unnecessary forensic imaging and analysis, reduce storage costs, speed up decisions and delivery of preliminary results for review

Automate the high volume, low impact casework allowing your skilled analysts to focus on the complex, where their expertise is really needed

Reduce costs and dependency on outsourcing while building capability to cope with high volume ‘burst demand’


Automate delivery

Automate delivery of preliminary results for review by investigating officers

Product Agnostic

CASCADE automates the use of popular 3rd party forensic tools using intelligent workflows and supports industry standards like CAID

Work 24/7 and reduce costs

Maximise your investment in forensic licences by making them work 24x7 in workflows that step seamlessly between tools with no intervention

ISO17025 Ready

Build clear, controlled, repeatable, processing workflows that implement your examination policies and ensure compliance with standards

Policy Triggers

Trigger events based on processing results. Pause for review or skip to next step automatically and create continual and comprehensive audit logs

Cascades through your caseload

Process multiple exhibits simultaneously using different tools and different workflows, driving productivity up and costs down



Smart Processing

CASCADE can process multiple computers, tablets, bare drives, USB disks, DVD/CD, memory cards, forensic images etc. simultaneously and scales to meet demand

Intelligent Server

The Cascade Server delivers an ISO17025 compliant solution, managing users, processing policies, workflow logic, reporting, remote access and system administration within a secure and audit-able environment

Easy to use interface

Using CASCADE requires minimal training, making it usable by all skill levels while maintaining complete control and enforcing standards

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