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The Mission Darkness™ BlockBox Lab XL offers ultimate protection from radio frequency (RF) signals and convenient access for forensic examinations of electronic devices

Features :

  • Robust construction with aluminium frame and RF-absorbing foam.
  • Large interior volume for conveniently analysing multiple devices simultaneously.
  • Patented Gen 2 RF-FilterVu transparent window for a clear view of the devices.
  • Two LED lights to illuminate the interior.
  • Conductive gloves for manipulating the devices inside the shielded chamber.
  • Double-sided shielded filter with USB, AC and RJ45 ports for fast data extraction.
  • Shielded power strip to power multiple devices with four universal sockets and four USB ports.
  • RJ45 Ethernet port for connecting devices to the internal and external network.
  • Unlimited power supply to avoid lockout mode and reduce code decryption time.
  • Complete isolation of devices from WiFi, Bluetooth, cellular (including 5G networks), GPS, RFID, NFC and radio signals.

The kit also includes a comprehensive accessory pack with various charging cables, an acrylic mobile phone organiser, spare gloves and foam gaskets to provide a complete solution for digital forensic investigations.

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