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The scalable platform for composing and running automated online investigations
IRIS contains a forensic and privacy-aware investigation engine, a toolkit of reusable building blocks to collect and combine data from the Web, Darknet, Social Media and third-party data services and a production-ready API and User Interface.

Why Iris

Open source intelligence

RIS combines your databases with the power of open source information from Social Media, the Web and the Darknet.

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IRIS follows the principles of data minimisation. By default, IRIS does not store any data and IRIS does not collect and process more data than necessary. Every step that IRIS takes is transparent. There is no black box.

Standardize your process

IRIS allows you to combine the knowledge and best practices of your online investigators with state of the art intelligence tools from Web-IQ to create effective and standardized open source investigations.


Together with your experts we define the key questions that the Internet is able to answer and help you to optimize your processes. After configuring this report IRIS will turn into your OSINT engine via a powerful UI or via API connected to your threat Intelligence -, Risk - or compliance system. Some of our reports are:


Find contact information for persons and organizations in online public sources.


Find locations in the online presence of persons.


Find connections between persons and organizations on the internet.

Blacklist check

Check if a person is connected to sanctioned or politically exposed persons.

Risk analysis

Find online sources linking the entity to fraud, corruption and other risks.

Darknet footprint

Check the dark web with regards to hacking, CSE, leaked credentials and other corporate vulnerabilities.

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