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Bundle solutions

As a consultant and system integrator, we always strive to offer our customers complete solutions.
In order to take full advantage of an investigation software, high-performance hardware is required - to ensure fast processing of data on the one hand, and fast data transfer on the other.

For this reason, we have developed various bundle solutions and configurations that are perfectly matched to the respective software.

  • Cellcube: The BeeCube with preinstalled Cellebrite software
  • LEAP-Edition: We offer three different hardware bundles that come with LEAP pre-installed on hardware of varying specifications.
  • Magnet Automate Bundle: Improve your agency's service by extending existing resources and processes through orchestration and automation.
  • OxyCube: The BeeCube with preinstalled Oxygen software
  • Web-I-Qube: The new standard for forensic internet and darknet analysis
  • Belkalyzer: The best hardware match for Belkasoft X

We are happy to create further solutions in addition to the bundles listed here, please contact us.

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