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Rapid Threat Hunter

Platform for rapid and collaborative investigation of cyber threat events

Concrete tracking of lateral movement in attacked systems with first valid results within results within one hour!

Ready to work            

No time wasted on tedious tool and infrastructure set-up, because every second counts.

Complete workflow  

Rapid recording, analysis with evaluations, measures taken

One-Click Forensic

Trigger process online or directly in the system - simple forensic data acquisition even for non-technical personnel

Malware forensic security

Sophisticated safety device with hardened platform enables safe working when handling infected systems

Collaboration capability    

Collaborative triaging of cyber threat events in law enforcement and incident handling


Customisable depending on the scope and number of employees, as well as the necessary safety standards

On Prem      

Analysis takes place On Premise, outside of clouds and other commercial data products

Proprietary communication system      

Secure exchange of data and IOCs without external traceability


Processing of cyber threat events directly in the field or from any location worldwide as well as in the home office

Multi-client capability      

Data protection through separate incidents

Avoidance of danger overhangs                     

Possibility of immediately recognising excess hazards from the triage analysis

Accompanying onboarding                 

Optimum utilisation of the platform for fast and precise results

Valid results in record time!

Experience revolutionary hacking detection speeds thanks to our seamlessly integrated platform components.

Verifiable findings directly on site!

Workflow for determining consistent attack behaviour


Core components:

Acquisition - Analysis - Collaboration - Output - Data transfer

Security concept:

Everything on premise - Own databases - No cloud services - Secure against unauthorised access

Ready to work XXL for public authorities:

Rollout capability thanks to SiKo, VVT, threshold value analysis


We believe in our products and our quality! As a sign of our trust in our products you will up to 5 years warranty

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