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Social Media Investigation and OSINT tools for security professionals


Social Links is a Global OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) vendor with Headquarters in the US that empowers investigators and security professionals with ground-breaking AI-powered products. They assemble massive volumes of data from open sources including social media, messengers, blockchains and the dark web to analyze & visualize a holistic picture for streamlining data-driven investigations.

SL PROFESSIONAL: An all-in-one OSINT solution for conducting in-depth investigations across social media, blockchains, messengers, and the dark web.

SL PRIVATE PLATFORM: An enterprise-grade on-premise platform with customization options, private data storage, and their widest range of search methods.

SL API: A suite of data extraction and analysis methods across social media, blockchains, messengers, and the dark web connected directly to your in-house via their API. 

SL Crimewall:A full-cycle OSINT investigation platform that simplifies the entire intelligence cycle, from data extraction from open data sources, through visualization and processing, to the final report.


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Social Links

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