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Social Links Private Platform

Discover the cutting-edge OSINT solution designed specifically for governments and businesses: Social Links Private Platform. This platform offers much more than just open source analysis. It ensures confidentiality, security and customisation throughout the investigation cycle. By combining the powerful features of Social Links with in-house databases and third-party tools, this platform offers immense scope for extraordinarily accurate investigations. Explore extensive use cases, from national cyber security to background checks, and benefit from total customisation through bespoke method development. Discover the new standard in intelligence and investigation.

Features :

Confidentiality and security:

  • Ensure total system security with real-time online search queries through a proxy subnet that combines up-to-date data and privacy.

Data integration and aggregation:

  • Integrate information seamlessly with open data from extensive sources, providing comprehensive depth and breadth for investigations while maintaining confidentiality.

Develop customised methods:

  • Seamlessly adapt the SL Private Platform to your existing products and coordinate perfectly with the organisation's internal systems and processes.

Customisation with a full cycle analysis solution:

  • Benefit from a comprehensive full-cycle data analytics solution by combining the full suite of Social Links research with internal databases and third-party libraries.

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