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Dry Cabinet


The best place for your product

  • 1 % Rh(1) Humidity attainable in 7 minutes!
  • Heating options for 45°C, 60°C and Up to 100°C!
  • Homogenous humidity throughout the Cabinet!
  • Real time monitoring at a glance!
  • Low energy consumption!
  • Adjust all settings within seconds!
  • Customizable Modern & Ergonomic design!
  • Cooling options down to 15°C!
  • Silent operation!
  • Automatic door locks!
  • Datalogger for in depth analysis!


Full control!

The user friendly software is specifically coded for our cabinets and can monitor and control each and every aspect of the operation to the tiniest detail.

Know what happened and when with the Datalogger Option

  Our datalogger option allows users to track and store data by keeping track of 16 parameters. These can be exported to your computer for more detailed analysis.

Never far away with remote monitoring option

With the additional Remote Monitoring System you can check up on the cabinets and monitor humidity & temperature even when you are away from them.


Let us know your requirements so we can help in choosing the right solution for you. We aim to provide you with a cabinet that will satisfy all your needs, so it should be configured just for you. X-TremeSeries provides many storage systems such as shelves, sliding shelves, dividers, feeder storage and so much more. Also many accessories such as PCB racks, HEPA filters, UV Lights, alarm bars are available.