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The Tableau T6u Forensic Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) Bridge is an affordable and very fast write-blocker for imaging SAS hard drives. Built upon new forensic bridge architecture and using USB 3.0 host technology, the T6u Forensic SAS Bridge offers twice the forensic imaging speed as our first-generation T6es. Imaging larger SAS drives commonly found in servers or workstations is also fast and easy with the T6u.

Increased performance is not the only upgrade of the Tableau T6u. This new bridge can be switched into a read/write mode to support the wiping and formatting of SAS devices, so there’s no need to add an expensive SAS controller card to your computer. Just reach for a Tableau T6u. The T6u also has an integrated backlit LCD, which presents useful bridge and SAS device information.



  • Imaging speeds up to 200 MB/second
  • USB 3.0 host computer connection
  • User-switchable read-write mode via internal DIP switch supports wiping and formatting of SAS devices without the need of an expensive SAS controller card
  • Integrated, backlit LCD presents useful bridge and SAS device information
  • Six LEDs provide status on power, host connection, SAS device detection, write-block status, and activity
  • Free Tableau firmware updates


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