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Superkit ES RW

Superkit Explorer hard-top case with foam-inlay included

  • T35u (IDE-SATA Bridge)
  • T35u-RW (IDE-SATA Bridge)
  • T6u (SAS Bridge)
  • T8u (USB 3.0 Bridge) and Adapter
  • TK35u USB 3.0 Forensic SATA/IDE Bridge Kit
  • Kit includes T35u, TP2, TC2-8-R2, TC3-8, TC5-8-R2, TC6-8, TC-USB3
  • T6u Forensic SAS Bridge Kit
  • Kit includes T6u, TP2 power supply + line cord, TC4-8-R2, TC-USB3
  • T8u Forensic USB 3.0 Bridge Kit
  • Kit includes T8u, TP2 power supply + line cord, TC-USB3
  • Forensic Media Reader Card Reader (Read Only /Read-Write-Switch)
  • (CFC, MD, MSC, MS Pro, SMC, xD, SDC und SDHC, MMC)
  • TDA3-1 Micro SATA Solid State Disk Adapter
  • TDA5-18 1.8" IDE Hard Disk Adapter. Adapter from TC6-2 or T14 auf 1.8" IDE hard disk
  • TDA5-25 2.5" IDE Hard Disk Adapter. Adapter from TC6-2 or T14 auf 2.5" IDE hard disk
  • 2x Ice Bay - External HDD ventilator
  • Screw driver
  • Tool-CD
  • TK35u-RW (Read + Write) Forensic SATA&IDEE Bridge Kit
  • Kit includes T35u-RW eSATA forensic bridge, power supply, TC2-8, TC6-8, TC3-8 , TC5-8, TC7-9-9, TCA7-6-9, TCA7-4-9, TC9-1M, TC8


According to your wishes many more case versions are available. Our standard versions are:
  • Superkit ES RW
  • Superkit ES
  • Superkit L


24 months manufacturer warranty with pickup-service


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