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OpenText LEMA

LEMA is a digital forensics analysis system for organizations processing video and image evidence who need to identify, extract, and manage Person, Object, Location, and Event (POLE) facts during an investigation.

This unified platform facilitates comprehensive management of digital investigations, from initial collection to detailed analysis of evidence. Key features include automated analysis, facial recognition, and license plate recognition. By automating repetitive tasks, LEMA enhances the efficiency of investigators, thereby accelerating case resolution.

  • Unified Platform: LEMA provides law enforcement agencies the ability to manage the entire process of digital investigation on a single platform.
  • Automated Analysis: The platform utilizes automated and extensible analyses to extract and index key facts from various digital sources.
  • Facial Recognition and License Plate Recognition: The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning enables the detection and identification of faces, as well as license plate recognition.
  • Simplified Collaboration: LEMA facilitates the sharing and restriction of evidence, automatically applying secure access controls to enhance communication and collaboration within the organization.
  • Intuitive Analysis Workflow: LEMA seamlessly manages the entire analysis process, from the initial request to the delivery of the final report, while preserving the integrity of evidence.
  • Enhanced Investigator Efficiency: By automating repetitive administrative tasks, LEMA allows investigators to focus on their areas of expertise, increasing their efficiency.
  • Success Rate in Case Resolution and Legal Proceedings: The deployment of LEMA aims to increase success rates in case resolution and legal proceedings through effective analysis of digital evidence.

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