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Eviquire, the next generation blockchain solution!

Eviquire is the next generation blockchain-native web forensics solution that enables anyone to forensically secure any type of online evidence. The unique flexibility of deployment as a cross-platform desktop application (Windows-Linux-Ubuntu) and on-premise SaaS makes Eviquire the ideal web forensics software for any environment. Eviquire applies the most rigorous forensic methodology to capture web evidence and utilises advanced features such as autoscroll and social media data extraction to facilitate the extraction of members of a social media group, for example. The entire capture is recorded on video and network traffic is automatically output with a detailed chain of custody, resulting in a very strong final evidence package.

Eviquire offers comprehensive web forensics training and bootcamps, both online and in person. These training courses enable participants to familiarise themselves with the use of Eviquire and become experts in web forensics.

The product is characterised by:

  • Flexibility: Can be used by different specialists.
  • Ease of use: Simple operation for efficient web forensics.
  • Case management: Effective organisation of collection sessions and evidence.
  • Forensic reporting: Creation of reports in accordance with international standards, including ISO/IEC 27037.

Eviquire also emphasises its commitment to data protection and offers an on-site investigation management solution to ensure data confidentiality and ease of use for investigators. By attending training sessions, users can fully utilise Eviquire's extensive features, saving time and improving web evidence capture.

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