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Paladin - "Small Van"

Mobile minivan laboratory - perfect for your on-site investigations

  • Class B driving licence
  • Simple handling
  • Little space required
  • Space for 2-3 investigators
  • Up to 3 tons total weight
  • SwingRack protects against vibrations and guarantees secure operation of IT components


This unique minivan paladin has 2 full workstations and a specially designed rotating passenger seat for an additional investigator.

The separation between the office and technical area allows for optimal heat and noise insulation, the special silent mode ensures a particularly quiet working environment.

With an AntAnalyzer workstation, a powerful centralised storage server for shared workflows, integrated WIFI and connectivity to external networks, as well as the possibility to connect mobile devices and other equipment and many other features, a fully equipped IT forensics lab is at your disposal.

In the technical area you will find a completely independent power supply system with a generator that provides power for 99 hours of independent use. The power supply system is an online UPS with 10 hours battery backup for guaranteed fail-safe operation.

With the improved and reinforced air conditioning system, the minivan Paladin is even suitable for hot regions with high air humidity.

The integrated rack server enables investigators to use systems that are otherwise only available at headquarters. Thanks to the unique, newly configured and size-adapted Swing rack, operating the systems is now even possible while driving.


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