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Build structured cases and close them faster

Discovry is an intuitive application that helps investigators build more structured cases and close them faster. Data can be collected from multiple sources— online, offline and from 3rd party services—and documented in a secure and traceable manner. Smart features help investigators visualize data and quickly spot the clues needed to drive the case forward. A professional report is generated automatically while the case is being built—so, once all the pieces are in place, all that’s left to do is click a button.

All tools in one place

With access to a complete set of aggregated tools and services, you can find and cross-reference any type of data.

Hidden data made visible

Save time and stop clicking through to find out whether images have any hidden Exif data. Data is displayed automatically.

Integrated browser

Thanks to an integrated browser, it’s easy to add any data to your collection. And all collection features are gathered in one convenient place.


Visualised connections

Map out the big picture. Instantly review connections between collected data and identified targets in a clear visual format.


Always sharable results

With an automatically generated report, it’s easy to keep other parties in the loop about case updates and share results along the way.

Side by side with Darknet

Swiftly alternate between the clear web and darknet—without losing access to essential Discovry functions.

Smooth interface: Access powerful intelligence using an interface that’s so intuitive, you hardly have to think about it.

Open for seamless integrations: The Paliscope platform is open for integrations with other tools and sevices, making it easy to discover and utilize a wide range of powerful solutions in one single place.

A dynamic community of support: The myPaliscope user portal is a gateway to a large and active community of users, developers, and other stakeholders. Here, you can exchange advice with fellow Paliscope users, give feedback on the platform, and much more.

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