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MOBILedit Smartwatch Kit


Smartwatch Kit 3.0


Smartwatches are the world's most popular wearable devices with unquestionable importance when it comes to forensic examinations. The personal data found in smartwatches can lead investigators in the right direction, especially when the phone is nowhere to be found. MOBILedit Forensic can even extract heartbeat details, which gives the investigator an intimate look into the life of the user. This data reveals moments of excitement, stress, and even time of death. For a successful investigation, examining smartwatches is a necessity.

MOBILedit Forensic supports the extraction and analysis of the most popular smartwatches in the world. Not only does it support Apple Watch but investigating other smartwatches, like Garmin, and Samsung, is now possible.

If you are a forensic professional, this product is a must-have. 

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Smartwatch Kit

The MOBILedit Smartwatch Kit is an essential tool to use alongside MOBILedit Forensic. This complete kit provides the user with all connectivity required and includes unique Apple Watch readers, along with hard-to-find readers for other smartwatch brands.

Using the connectors found in the MOBILedit Smartwatch Kit, the extraction and analysis are performed by MOBILedit Forensic. The results can be professionally presented in PDF, Excel, or HTML or exported as UFDR files. Backups of the data can even be created for examination at a later date.

The data found on smartwatches is even more personal than on smartphones. This data includes detailed user information, health data, physical activities, and geolocated routes. Even when the phone is unavailable or where data is deleted from the phone, evidence can still be found on the smartwatch.

MOBILedit now offers even more opportunities to recover data from various devices, allowing for integration from multiple sources. Obtaining evidence from these devices will play an increasingly important role in digital forensics, and MOBILedit will continue to pioneer the investigation of smartwatches in the future.

What brands are supported ?

  • Apple
  • Garmin
  • Samsung
  • Alcatel
  • TCL
  • Huawei
  • Amazfit
  • and more

What type of data can you extract ?

1.Device info

  • MAC addresses
  • UID
  • SW revision

2.Personal data

  • User profiles - nickname, age, gender, weight, language, total active & sleep time
  • Activities - type, time interval, position, heart rate, altitude, speed, temperature, calories, etc.
  • Routes with maps
  • Health data - Extra heart rate & stress monitoring
  • Files
  • Photos with geolocation
  • Voice recordings
  • Application data
  • Notes

What´s in the kit ?

  • 1x Samsung Reader ser 2 - 4
  • 1x Samsung Reader ser 5
  • 1x screwdriver (for opening Samsung watch)
  • 2x USB-C cable
  • All-in-one Apple Watch reader for series 0 to 5 and SE
  • 1 x Garmin Forerunner cable
  • 1 x Garmin Vivoactive / Fenix cable
  • 1 x lightning cable
  • 1 x pair of pointed tweezers
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