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VFC Virtual Forensics Computing

Safely view everything on the computer in seconds. VFC allows you to create a virtual machine in seconds, without compromising the original data.

VFC removes the guesswork from virtualization and allows the investigator to concentrate on the investigation. It allows the investigator to experience the original computer.

What can VFC do?

Bypass passwords and convert windows live accounts to local Create and boot up a VM in seconds Create a standalone copy Test malware.

Enhancements in Version 7:

Support for Single Volume Images:

  • Handling of non-bootable single volume images.
  • Emulation of missing components to convert these images into bootable virtual machines.

Encryption Device Virtualization:

  • Utilization of VFC to virtualize images from encrypted devices such as TPM, BitLocker, VeraCrypt without altering the original data.

Compatibility with Windows S-Mode:

  • Ability to access and operate on computers configured with Windows S-Mode.
  • Enables the system to function like a standard operating system, eliminating controls and security restrictions of S-Mode.

File Injection:

  • Powerful feature allowing the injection of third-party analysis software into a VM during generation with VFC.

Rapid Triage with VFC:

  • Capability to quickly triage a computer device on-site or in the lab.
  • Secure access to essential device information within 30 seconds of selecting the partition.

What can you access?

  • All settings
  • multiple profiles
  • hidden files
  • jump lists
  • internet history
  • all applications
  • restore points
  • take screen shots
  • Use VFC throughout
  • Timeline
  • Use to Triage
  • Use in Court
  • Use in Interviews
  • Use in the field

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VFC Virtual Forensic Computing


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