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ForensIQ One

In today’s digital forensic world, there are endless amounts of tools designed to primarily extract data, decode and de-crypt that data to make it usable in an investigation.

With that comes a challenge. For the extraction process, it is handled by experienced and trained examiners. But when it comes to the investigation work, the story is different. The investigators working with the data are not. They think that the investigators are the “forgotten people”. They are the ones who are sifting through all the data and then put together a case report. With no experience and training in all the tools, they face a gruesome task of doing their work manually. This is an inefficient and time-consuming work when they constantly are facing pressure to close cases as quick as possible.

Meeting investigators, hearing and seeing their frustrations was the reason of why ForensIQ One was started. They wanted to create a platform that is meant for the investigators. A tool that simplifies their work and make them more efficient in their quest to find the truth.

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