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Case Processing Server

Cut lead times and case backlog

ForensIQ One’s Case Processing Server has been created to minimize long process times.

In today’s investigations, a lot of time is spent on non-investigative work tasks. Tasks such as the preparation of the digital evidence before being reviewed. With the constantly growing amount of digital evidence in investigations, process times are pushed to higher and higher levels.

This is why ForensIQ One’s Case Processing Server has been created to minimize long process times. This solution processes the evidence and makes it ready for review in shorter time frames through automation.

Case Processing Server comes pre-loaded with a powerful set of features and functions.

Background process

Free up workstation power by having our Case Processing Server doing the heavy work for you. Therefore, no more workstations are locked up.

Save time

By utilizing the power of Case Processing Server, investigators can reduce the preparation time and start the investigation quicker.


Many times, investigators have information that is required to be matched with the data in their cases. This can be automated in the case creation process.


The Case Processing Server is built to be scalable. As your organization’s needs grow, you can meet those needs by easily adding more processing power.

Custom tools

Do you have a specific need? The Case Processing Server is open to adding external plugins. This enables users to build their own custom tools for the platform.

Ready for review

With these five product attributes the case is now ready for review. The investigator can

 instantly start the work finding the truth.

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