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Tovek Intelligence Platform

TOVEK is private Czech company based in Prague and founded in 1993. TOVEK is an acronym for Tracking, Organizing, and Visualizing Elements of Knowledge. Since the beginning, it has been the company's sole focus to provide advanced products for information retrieval and analysis.


Tovek Intelligence Platform is a software solution supporting the decision-making process. It is based on 30 years of experience of the intelligence, investigation, and security community and it is constantly evolving in line with technological advances and user needs. Intelligence, Military, and Law Enforcement organizations use Tovek Intelligence Platform to process any data in any format and create information structures flexibly for the purpose decision support. Using TOVEK genuine capabilities, Tovek Intelligence Platform enables them to: 

find any information related to the topic of interest in any data using Hybrid Data Fusion capability and the unique Tovek Query Language. 

understand how all the information found relate to your need and which information is the most important using Active Knowledge Maps and Visual Knowledge Discovery capability.

Use information effectively to support the decision loop – Observe, Orient, Decide, Act – using Coordinated Information Analysis & Intelligence Sharing capability.


Tovek Intelligence Platform is used in many cases where there is a need to quickly navigate the content of disparate data, correlate information and produce intelligence to support various decision making. Users say it is like the analyst’s Swiss Army knife to carve valid, clear and timely information out of various data sources.


  • Processes all data
  • The Tovek Platform will find ALL the relevant documents that interest you in large amounts of heterogeneous data using expert knowledge.
  • Displays correlations
  • The Tovek Platform provides effective assistance in tracking, organizing and visualizing the available knowledge and information.
  • Can be used even on a desktop PC

As part of the Tovek Platform, Tovek Tools running on windows is a desktop application for analysts. It offers particularly effective search, entity extraction, connection and visualization of relationships. It processes the content of various unstructured and structured data, either on the user’s computer or connected through Tovek servers.


Tovek Tools

Visual knowledge discovery

Tovek Tools will allow you to find what you need quickly, look at the data from multiple angles at the same time, discover hidden connections, and get a full overview.

TovekWeb Client

Search for everyone

Every user can handle this simple and intuitive web client. With the mobile device support, you get instant access anywhere, anytime.


Your information HQ

Tovek Server provides unified and effective access to the data stored in your information systems; while retaining all user access rights, of course.


Making everything available

Regardless of whether your data are in files, in relational databases, in e-mails or on websites; in various formats, in multiple languages.

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