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PC-3000 SAS/SCSI HDD Repair

The PC-3000 SAS is a hardware-software solution intended for testing and restoring damaged HDDs with SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) or SCSI based interfaces.

The PC-3000 SAS coupled with the Data Extractor SAS forms the PC-3000 SAS/SCSI Professional System, which allows you to recover data from SAS or SCSI based HDDs. To repair these HDDs, you only need the PC-3000 SAS – for data recovery you need both the PC-3000 SAS and the Data Extractor SAS.

The PC-3000 SAS Controller

The new specialized PC-3000 SAS Controller is a PC extension board for the PCI Express x4 bus that takes two adjacent slots which allows for working with four HDDs simultaneously.

The PC-3000 board

Four independent channels provide up to a 300 MB/s data transfer rate.

Chart performance for four SAS HDD drives

Working with SATA HDDs

The PC-3000 SAS controller allows you to connect SATA HDDs in read-write modes, test their surface, copy data, and make fast image copies.

Power supply adapter

The four-channel power control adapter supplies power and protects the HDD from overvoltage and current overloading. In case of any contingency the HDD power supply is switched off automatically.

Resource Management of the PC-3000 SAS board


One of the most important new features of the PC-3000 SAS is allowing for launching of the PC-3000 utility and Data Extractor tasks as separate OS processes. The "PC-3000 SAS Resource manager" software makes using the new PC-3000 SAS very easy and effective. It manages port and related process activity, controls the status of the ports, checks process conditions and kills processes if necessary. Once a process is started it can use any of the available ports on the PC-3000 SAS board. For instance, four processes can be used for every port or one process can use four ports etc.

Port selection for the PC-3000 SAS process

The PC-3000 SAS Resource manager

PC-3000 SAS Kit:

  • PC-3000 SAS controller
  • SAS SFF-8482/SATA/Molex (100cm) cable
  • HDD SCSI (50 cm) power cable
  • PC-3000 SAS software
  • User manual

PC-3000 SAS Kit


PC-3000 SAS

Data Extractor SASData Extractor SAS RAID Edition

Form factor: Embedded PC expansion board which uses two adjacent slots

Interface type: Four-channel PCI Express 2.5 GB/s

Diagnostic ports (location): 4 - SAS (internal)

Maximum Data Transfer Speed: 300 MB/sec for each port

Processing modes:

  • SATA - UDMA133/100/66/33, PIO4/3/2/1/0
  • PATA - UDMA100/66/33, PIO4/3/2/1/0

Power adapter: four-channel adapter with overvoltage and current
        overloading protection. HDD connectors are internal.

Supported HDD: from 18 GB to 2 TB; 3.5", 2.5"

OS Platforms: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10; х86, х64

Recommended PC configuration:
CPU: Intel Core i5 (Quad Core)
Storage configuration: 1 TB HDD
LCD Monitor: 22", 1920x1080

The main principles of PC-3000 SAS functionality

The PC-3000 SAS solution tests, diagnoses, and repairs SAS/SCSI HDDs according to the SAS/SCSI HDD specification and also in technological HDD modes.

The PC-3000 SAS software consists of a Universal utility aimed at general testing for of SAS/SCSI/SATA HDDs and Specialized utilities to work with SAS/SCSI HDDs in technological mode.

Universal utility

The following procedures can be performed with the Universal utility:

  • General checking of HDD efficiency
  • Testing the surface for reading, writing, verification
  • Viewing the P-list and G-list tables with hidden defects
  • Viewing SMART parameters (Log Sense)
  • Viewing and changing the configuration of HDD parameters
  • The Replication function allows both for creating an HDD image (full sector-by-sector copy) and for saving any HDD surface area to file on another HDD and writing saved data on your drive.
  • The Sector Editor provides for viewing and editing of defined surface areas. All results can be saved into a file or database. All actions are recorded. Testing for read, write, and verification are conducted by HDD performance testing coupled with performance charts.

Specialized utilities

IBM, Maxtor-Quantum, Fujitsu and Seagate Special utilities allow for testing HDDs in technological mode, and for checking and recovering service information.

If any errors are detected, these utilities use additional UEC - Unit Error Code (error Vendor code list). The UEC-list provides details about the root cause of the error found. In many cases this helps to exactly define all possible ways of repairing the HDD and recovering data from it.

The Specialized utilities are used for testing and recovery of service information, modules, and configuration pages; recalculating (regenerating) of translator; testing of magnetic heads and surfaces with physical parameters; and clearing of SMART.

How to work with SCSI HDDs

You can work with SCSI HDDs with any SCSI controller – Host Bus Adapter (not included in the PC-3000 SAS Kit, but has to be purchased separately). With a SCSI controller – Host Bus Adapter, the functionality is the same as for the PC-3000 for SCSI. The PC-3000 SAS can work with any SCSI HDD that has a parallel interface.

In the same way as it is implemented for SAS HDDs, SAS/SCSI HDD testing can be conducted in the Universal utility (SCSI HDD general testing) and in the Specialized utilities (to work with SCSI HDDs in technological mode).

Operating with SCSI HDDs, the PC-3000 SAS controller works as a power supply adapter that allows for controlling the power supply of up to four SCSI HDDs.

How to work with SATA HDDs

The PC-3000 SAS works with SATA HDDs in read-write modes. It enables testing of the HDD surface, for example to screen or certify. You can test up to four SATA drives independently at the same time. The PC-3000 SAS can be used for replication operations (sector-by-sector copy creation) in different combinations of SAS, SCSI and SATA drives.

Data transfer is done at the highest speed possible for the HDD and is restricted only by the internal rate of data exchange between the disk surface and the internal disk buffer.

How to recover data with the Data Extractor

To recover data you should not only use the PC-3000 SAS, but the PC-3000 SAS/SCSI Professional System that consists of the PC-3000 SAS and the Data Extractor SAS.

The Data Extractor SAS is a professional data recovery software that allows for recovery of data from SAS and SCSI drives connected to the PC-3000 SAS controller and the PC SCSI controller (which is not included in the PC-3000 SAS Kit).

The Data Extractor SAS can recover data from physically and logically damaged HDDs with various file systems: FAT, exFAT, NTFS, EXT2/3/4, HFS+, UFS1/2, XFS, ReiserFS, VMFS.

PC-3000 SAS advantages

  • Diagnosis and restoration of SAS HDDs with any capacities on its own SAS controller
  • Diagnosis and restoration of SCSI HDDs on an external controller
  • Operation with SATA HDDs in read-write modes both on a SAS controller and on standard motherboard controllers
  • The combined work of the PC-3000 SAS to work with the Data Extractor SAS provides the widest possibilities to recover data from SAS/SCSI HDD
  • Maximum possible speed of working with HDDs, restricted only by internal HDD speed
  • The PC-3000 SAS software is supported by 32-bit and 64-bit OS Windows Platforms
  • Functions for screening, certification and replication (sector-by-sector copy) in various combinations of SAS, SCSI and SATA HDDs
  • Four-channel power supply adapter with protection from overvoltage and current overloading
  • The combination of the SAS/SCSI tools available with the PC-3000 SAS and the data recovery tools of the Data Extractor SAS provides the widest range of possibilities for recovering data from SAS/SCSI HDDs.

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