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What Content Can I Expect?

We inform you about news from the IT forensics industry, this can be news from the industry, new products or updates to existing products. We also regularly inform you about the trainings and seminars we offer.

How Often Will I Receive A Newsletter?

We send our newsletter about once a month. In exceptional cases it can come also to a higher or lower frequency, depending upon topic and topicality.

Using MailChimp

For the mailings we use MailChimp, over this service provider also the processing / evaluation is executed.

Double-Opt-In And Opt-Out

After registration you will receive a "Double-opt-in" email in which you will be asked to click on the link to confirm your ownership of the email account. To unsubscribe, simply click on the "unsubscribe" link in the newsletter.

Statistics And Performance Measurement

In order to align our content in the newsletter with the trends in the industry, we measure the success of each newsletter in order to identify key topics for the next newsletter. We measure how often the newsletter is opened and which links are clicked.

Privacy Policy

You will find detailed information on the subject of newsletters, mailing, evaluation and other topics in our privacy declaration.

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