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Online Due Diligence

Use the power of OSINT for unique and actionable customer insights

Prevent criminal and fraudulent customers from entering your client base by identifying risks from online open sources and stay compliant with the Anti-Money Laundering regulations (AML/CFT) and combat fraud.

Open Source Intelligence to know your customers better

With our Online Due Diligence solutions we bring top-tier technology from the world of Law Enforcement to the fraud-detection teams and systems of financial institutions and insurance companies.

By using Open Source Intelligence technology, our solution makes all publicly available information actionable in order to find risk indicators such as criminal activity, fraudulent behavior or relationships with people from sanction, PEP and other watchlists from all over the world. Especially in an increasingly competitive and digital environment where the speed of bringing a customer on board is key, and maintaining a qualitative risk analysis, our solution fulfils a key role in facilitating the acceleration of the client acceptance processes from several days to potentially just minutes.

 Why organizations choose Web-IQ

Actionable risk data

from information outside your existing databases, like social media, forums and other public online information.

Analyze more data

by utilizing the whole public internet, instead of only the first page of your search results.

Reduce cost and errors

by standardizing and automating repetitive online due diligence work.

Example use-cases per industry

Financial industry

Insurance industry

Corporate industry

Identify criminals and fraudsters at your gate by investigating online connections with watch-lists or fraudulent behaviour and be compliant with AML/CFT laws.

Detect potential fraudulent claims by automatically identifying risks from online sources, like informal relations between persons involved in a claim.

Investigate and monitor your customers, vendors, suppliers and other third parties for potential risks that affect your reputation or impose a compliance risk.

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