Skip Tracing


Skip Tracing

Significantly increase your contact rate

Locate untraceable defaulting debtors with our Forensic Technology and contact them on their current contact information to significantly improve your contact rate.


Find new contact information with OSINT

With our Online Skip-Tracing Solution we bring top-tier technology used by Law Enforcement Agencies to online locate people and businesses to find and extract their public contact information.


Lower impact of default

By knowing your customers
better to act quickly on default.

Improve contact rate

By having up-to-date contact
information at hand.

Increase the ROI

On your bought NPL-portfolios.


How it works:

With the given information, our forensic web-crawlers search and extract relevant online publicly available information.

The results will then be analysed and filtered based on algorithms that match and verify the newly found contact information. Based on your specific demands and feedback, we configure and optimize the solution to maximize results. As soon as the data process has terminated, all data will be completely removed from our systems.

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