Online: Opentext Foundations in Digital Forensics with EnCase


Why come?

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This hands-on course involves practical exercises and real-life simulations.

Course components

Main components of the course:
• EnCase® methodology
• How to navigate the EnCase® interface
• How to extract data and files from your evidence
• How to bookmark evidence files, file sets, and data structures
• How to conduct raw and index searches
• How to analyse file signatures and view files
• How to conduct hash and entropy analyses and import hash sets
• How to import and export data to and from Project VIC
• How to install external file viewers to EnCase®
• How to prepare reports, using templates provided with EnCase
• How to create a report template
• How to restore evidence
• How to archive files and data created through the analysis process
• The proper techniques for handling and preserving evidence

Course requirements

A basic computer knowledge is required.

Qualifications attained

• Deep knowledge on EnCase®
• Using EnCase® for data analysis
• Creating cases with EnCase®
• Configuring the application for optimal use
• Analysis of data with regard to criminal investigations, cyber security or other forensic cases
• Keyword or indexed searching along with hash analysis
• Bookmark, export, and create reports relating to examination findings
• Archiving, validating the data, and restoring the case


All participants will receive official certification from OpenText and 32 CPE Credits after successfully completing the course.

Date and time

The online classes take place regularly.

Also available: on-demand classes with flexible time management.

For dates and times please contact us!


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