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Unleash the power of SL Crimewall, your ultimate Full-Cycle OSINT Investigation Platform. Here's a snapshot of what it can bring to your investigative endeavors:

Features :

Data Extraction:

  • Extract real-time data from 500+ open sources.
  • Use advanced tools tailored for investigative needs.

Structuring and Visualization:

  • Effortlessly organize unstructured data.
  • Utilize intuitive visualization methods, including Graph, Table, or Map Views for complex arrangements.

Data Application:

  • Apply ML-driven data analysis.
  • Automate manual processes, process volumes of data, and accelerate workflows.

Collaborative Interface:

  • Engage seamlessly with a collaborative interface.
  • Enhance communication and coordination during investigations.

Wide-Ranging Intelligence Options:

  • Access major social media platforms, messengers, blockchains, and the Dark Web.
  • Experience a comprehensive intelligence-gathering platform.

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