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Webinar VFC 7

DATE: January 23, 2024


Register Now: Exclusive Webinar for the Launch of VFC Version 7 on February 8 at 11 AM!

We are thrilled to invite you to one special webinar, where you will unveil the brand-new Version 7 of VFC exclusively to understand why the new features in VFC 7 make it the perfect tool for triage in the field, and in the lab. Along with the ever popular features which make it one of the must have tools for any digital forensic/cyber security/incident response investigator.

This webinar will delve into how VFC can help throughout the digital forensic timeline – from triage to court,

Highlighted Topics:

  • Rapid Triage (within seconds)
  • Single Volume Partition Images
  • VFC Portable
  • Windows S-Mode
  • Inject Files
  • And much more...

Register Here: Webinar Registration