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VFC Unveils Version 7 with Advanced Virtualization Capabilities

DATE: January 17, 2024


Virtual Forensic Computing (VFC), the forefront in virtualization for forensic investigators, proudly announces the release of Version 7.

This major upgrade streamlines the transition from forensic image to virtual machine, providing a detailed exploration of the mounted image.

New features include support for single volume images, virtualization of encrypted devices like TPM, BitLocker, and VeraCrypt, access to computers in S-Mode, file injection into virtual machines, and a rapid triage function. VFC7 strengthens its commitment to cybersecurity best practices and digital data integrity, elevating the capabilities of investigators in the field of cyber forensics.

Discover more about these technical advancements and elevate your forensic investigations with VFC v7 here or contact us via or by phone at +49 (0) 7275 404440.