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Detego Suite Pro 120 days for free

DATE: March 27, 2023


Only for mh customers: Detego Suite Pro 120 days free of charge

Together with Detego Global , we want to facilitate access to state-of-the-art digital forensics solutions. Therefore, customers who purchase corresponding hardware from us will receive unlimited access to Detego Suite Pro for 120 days!
They will also receive free access to Detego's online training platform to streamline investigations, avoid bottlenecks and eliminate investigation backlogs. The total value of this offer is over €2,500!

For more information please contact us at .

Detego Suite Pro Includes:
- Ballistic Imager: Selected as a finalist for the coveted Best Computer Forensic Solution award by SC Magazine in 2022, this tool leverages patented technology to rapidly secure data from computers, laptops and servers up to 4x faster than the industry average – helping investigators secure 1TB in under 8 minutes.

- Field Triage: By winning the UK's Security and Innovation award in 2022, this highly portable tool demonstrated that it's perfect for investigating data on a range of devices including computers , laptops and loose media. It uses a patented red-amber-green visual alert system to identify and alert users of data related to investigations while eliminating the need to run extensive data extraction and analytical processes.

- Media Acquisition: This intuitive tool allows investigators to acquire and analyze data from multiple devices simultaneously. It enables them to make on-the-spot decisions by providing live previews of the data being captured.

- Fusion: This tool enables investigators to build detailed pictures of their cases using advanced link analysis infrastructure and AI-driven technology. It exposes valuable connections between people, places, cases and devices.

- Analysis: Selected as a finalist for the coveted UK security and policing innovation award in 2023, this central platform integrates all forensic acquisitions and uses powerful AI-powered analytics and workflow automation to provide in-depth analysis, intelligence and court-ready reports.

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