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30 years mh Service

DATE: January 25, 2023


2023 is a special year - mh Service celebrates its 30th anniversary!
It all started in a small backyard with just a few employees. After the first milestones achieved, such as signing a framework agreement with the German government, we have now grown into an ISO 9001:2015 certified, globally active company. Our modern and sustainably designed HQ now houses office and production buildings, our own vehicle construction hall and a fully equipped training centre. Please feel free to visit us!

At mh Service, we believe there is no better approach to customer service than customisation, flexibility, enduring quality and serving all customer needs under one roof. Hence, our new brand identity, “WORLD OF FORENSICS”, highlights a fresh start and reflects its long experience in the IT Forensics industry.

We are incredibly proud of this success, which we owe above all to you! As a thank you, you will benefit from special anniversary offers throughout the year. Stay up to date!

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