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Your own AI-powered Search Engine

YOSE lets you instantly track down all kinds of information within your local collection of unstructured data. Search and automatically extract images, video files, and text from all sorts of documents. Identify and match persons and objects of interest. And discover intelligence you didn’t even know existed.

YOSE consolidates different types of data and makes it all searchable.


Search and locate text in
images, scanned documents,
emails, and screenshots
using OCR.


Identify and match persons
of interest across images,
videos and using Facial


Track down objects and
details in images and videos,
such as license plates and


Read and search for text
inside videos in order to, for
example, locate text from
recorded chats.

Smooth interface: Access powerful intelligence using an interface that’s so intuitive, you hardly have to think about it.

Make everything searcheable: YOSE indexes everything from invoices and screenshots to PDFs, images and videos. And it doesn’t matter if the files are located on your desktop or even embedded within a document or email. It tracks down all data, regardless of where it is saved.

A dynamic community of support: The myPaliscope user portal is a gateway to a large and active community of users, developers, and other stakeholders. Here, you can exchange advice with fellow Paliscope users, give feedback on the platform, and much more.

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