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Why come?

Magnet AXIOM Examinations (AX200) is ideal for those who require intermediate-level training with a digital investigation platform that covers cases involving smartphones, computers, or both. It is designed for participants who are familiar with the principles of digital forensics, and seeking to use Magnet AXIOM for their investigations.

Course components

Each module of instruction employs extensive scenario-based exercises, to reinforce the learning objectives, and further enhance the participant’s understanding of AXIOM’s functionality, and its application within the forensic workflow.

Module 1: Intro and Installation of Magnet AXIOM
Module 2: Evidence Processing and Case Creation
Module 3: Computer Artefact Analysis
Module 4: Mobile Artefact Analysis
Module 5: Reporting
Module 6: Cumulative Review Exercises

At the conclusion of the four-day training course, participants will have the knowledge and skills they need to acquire forensic images from computer and smartphone evidence; configure Magnet AXIOM Process to recover the most-relevant artefacts; use Magnet AXIOM Examine to explore the evidence in greater depth, simplifying analysis activities by intuitively linking facts and data; and, preparing key artefacts for collaboration with other stakeholders.

Course requirements

The participants need to be familiar with the principles of digital forensics.


All participants will receive official certification from Magnet Forensics after successfully completing the course.

Training Annual Pass

Also available: Magnet Training Annual Pass!

  • The cost of TAP is less than two courses with access to much more for a 12-month period
  • A one-time purchase allows for easier budgeting and more flexibility
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest industry practices by continually accessing our course catalogue

Date and Time

The online classes take place regularly.

For dates and times please contact us!


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