Faraday Bags


Safe electromagnetic shielding of mobile devices


Faraday bags are made of an electromagnetic shielding and used for the transport and storage of suspect mobile devices; from cell phones to laptops and so on. The inserted device is shielded safely against all forms of radio waves (WLAN, GSM, LTE, UMTS, Bluetooth, and more). Thus, the manipulation of data and communication is prevented.

In addition to the three standard sizes are also lightweight tents available that allow you to work undisturbed in a shielded environment. We will be happy to make you an individual offer.


3-layer construction:

outside: PU coated Polyester fabric

inside: 2 layers metal-coated fibers


min. 1000 openings

Shielding effectiveness:

large: Ø 60 db @ 1,8 GHz

medium/small: Ø 40 db @ 1,8 GHz

Temperature range:

-30°C to +90°C

Compliance and certification:

  • RoHS


We offer a 36 months warranty on all our devices.

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