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Dual OS SuperImager

MediaClone SuperImager® Plus Desktop Gen-3 Forensic Lab Unit with 16 SAS/SATA Ports – Dual OS

SuperImager Plus Desktop Pro Gen-3 Forensic Lab unit, standalone with 16 SAS/SATA-3 ports and 10 USB3.1 ports. It configured with Dual Open OS (Linux /Win10). Under Linux, the user can run multiple, parallel simultaneous independent forensic imaging sessions (mirror image, single partition, Linux-DD, EnCase, mix E01/DD, VHD, Triage with Files and Folders) with 3 HASH values(MD5, SHA1, and SHA2 run all the three at the same time), encryption, compression, keyword search all on the fly and save images to a network.

The 16 SAS /SATA ports allow the user to forensic image simultaneous 8:8 drives.

Other options are available.

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