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Improve service to your agency by scaling up existing resources and processes with the power of automation and orchestration.



The complexity of digital investigations and the volume of data is increasing, as budget constraints and talent shortages force you to get more done with what you have. It’s becoming impossible for your lab to keep up. You need an enhanced approach to digital investigations so that you can better serve your agency, without increasing headcount or drastic investments in new forensic equipment.


With Magnet AUTOMATE, enable an enhanced approach to digital investigations that scales up your existing resources and processes to complete investigations faster. By utilizing an automated and repeatable forensic workflow that minimizes machine downtime and maximizes efficiency, you can reduce the overall cost of digital investigations.

Also available as turnkey bundle solution with powerful hardware!


Unlock Capacity & Improve Service

Save Time & Costs

  • Scale up, find workflow efficiencies and complete more investigations faster with existing resources
  • Enable examiners to focus on complex analysis
  • Get evidence into the hands of your investigators 2x faster
  • Maximize ROI on existing hardware investments
  • Improve examiner work-life balance, rapid onboarding of new examiners
  • Eliminate outsourcing and overtime costs

Ensure Case Quality

Realized benefits

  • Guarantee turn-around time
  • Implement a consistent workflow
  • Easily adhere to SOPs
  • Eliminated backlog from months to all cases being processed within 72 hours
  • Increased lab efficiency and reduced machine downtime by 94%
  • Quickly onboard new examiners, focus training on analysis and reporting
  • Amplify the impact of lab modernization investments
  • Enabled the successful ISO 17025 certification of their lab


Simplified workflow builder

  • Consistent and easy to use
  • Visual workflows designed using an easy drag-and-drop interface.
  • Consistent workflows ensure the right workflow is used for each investigation.

Seamless integrations

  • Keep the toolkit, ditch the complexity
  • Seamlessly integrate almost any tool from your forensic toolkit, including mobile acquisition tools.
  • Deep integration of Magnet AXIOM - amplify the power of the most complete digital investigation platform.
  • Integrate your own custom scripts for advanced flexibility.

Parallel processing

  • Get more done with existing hardware
  • Leverage the full power of your IT investments by processing cases using two or more workstations.
  • Utilize assets on-prem, virtual, cloud or hybrid environments.


In addition to Magnet AUTOMATE, our turnkey bundle includes high-performance hardware that is optimally matched to the software requirements and fully scalable with regard to different case sizes and numbers of employees. Of course, the solution can also be integrated into your existing infrastructure.
We will be happy to deliver your completely pre-installed system with pre-configured virtual operating systems as a ready-to-use bundle!
Please contact us at for more information!