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Weiterbildung trotz Pandemie!
Um Ihnen auch weiterhin die Möglichkeit bieten zu können, mehr über die neuesten Methoden der IT-Forensik zu erfahren, haben wir gemeinsam mit unseren Partnern eine Webinar-Reihe zusammengestellt.


Webinar verpasst? Hier geht es zu den Aufzeichnungen.


  • mh Service - New hardware solutions to help accelerate investigations
    Learn more about our newest solutions that will help you to accelerate your IT-forensic investigations. (Sprache: Englisch, Dauer 45 Minuten)
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  • ForensIQ One - Digital Investigations Re-imagined
    In this presentation you will get to see how you can simplify and streamline your investigation of digital evidence. (Sprache: Englisch, Dauer 45 Minuten)
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  • Cyan - Rapid digital triage of suspect computers and mobile phones
    How to find child pornography or counter terrorism data in seconds and minutes rather than hours or days. (Sprache: Englisch, Dauer 45 Minuten)
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  • Belkasoft - Accelerating your digital forensic investigation with Belkasoft X
    Belkasoft Evidence Center X is a flagship product by Belkasoft. The product provides digital forensic investigators with a large range of functionality to help accelerate investigations. During this webinar, we will talk about the key capabilities of Belkasoft X that allow to solve digital crimes. (Sprache: Englisch, Dauer 45 Minuten)
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  • MCMS - Leverage Detego’s intuitive Instant Alerts to Accelerate On-Scene Investigations of Computers and Mobile Devices.
    This session will be a fast-paced look at Detego’s all-in-one tools used by offender managers, border protection, counter-terror investigators and others for rapid on-scene data triage, imaging and analysis of Windows, Apple and Linux computers and the advanced extraction and analysis of thousands of mobile devices and applications. (Sprache: Englisch, Dauer 45 Minuten)
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  • Oxygen - Advanced device extraction methods and AI-powered data analytics with Oxygen Forensic Detective
    During this session we will do a live demo extraction of a locked Samsung device as well as extraction of Apple iOS device via checkm8 vulnerability. Moreover, we will show how to streamline the investigators' workflow using Image and Facial Categorization to identify graphic types and run Face Search. Finally attendees will see how they  can expand potential evidence sources by extracting readable language characters from graphic files using the built-in OCR function. (Sprache: Englisch, Dauer 45 Minuten)
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  • MOBILedit - Challenges in mobile phone forensics
    MOBILedit is a software used by millions for data extraction, analysis and investigations of mobile phones. Learn about advanced phone forensics from a key company which started phone forensic industry in 1996, get the latest information to maximize results and save budget. (Sprache: Englisch, Dauer 45 Minuten)
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  • Paliscope - Paliscope 101: An introduction to the Paliscope investigation platform
    Learn more about the Paliscope platform which includes Discovry, a central application for building structured investigations, and YOSE, an AI-driven search engine for locally stored data. These solutions can be used individually or together to form the ultimate investigative team. You will also learn about the benefits of the Discovry and YOSE integration. Seamlessly harness the power of YOSE search engine to find key information, then utilize the organizing capacities of Discovry to structure and build a case that will hold up in court. (Sprache: Englisch, Dauer 45 Minuten)
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  • Griffeye - Analyze 21: An overview of new features
    (Sprache: Englisch, Dauer 45 Minuten)
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  • Amped - What's new in Amped FIVE, Amped Replay, and Amped Authenticate and learn how to use some of the new and powerful features to assist with your image and video investigations.
    Join David Spreadborough from Amped Software for a live webinar where he'll walk you through some of the latest features recently added to Amped products and see how these new features are making investigating images and videos even easier and more reliable (Sprache: Englisch, Dauer 45 Minuten)
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  • 22.07.2021, 10:00 Uhr: Opentext - Improve investigation efficiency with the latest EnCase Forensic solution
    An update on Encase®  Forensic overview of  the new and existing features that support a modern forensic workflow, and how they can support the requirements of today’s forensic investigations. (Sprache: Englisch, Dauer 45 Minuten)
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