OXYGEN Forensic Complete Training


Date: 18 - 19 Feb 2019

DE, 76870 Kandel

Barthelsmühlring 24

Presented by:  OXYGEN Forensics
Organiser: mh Service
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Course Description:

Students will obtain a start to finish education on the use of Oxygen Forensic® Detective.  The course adds to the Basic and Expert course by introducing advanced methods of Smart Device collections and data analysis. Students will examine collect and analyze data from iOS, Android, and Windows Phone smart devices.  Students will work to obtain physical images, understand file system formats, storage methods and evidence locations. Students receive training and instruction on Cloud Storage and extraction techniques using Oxygen Forensic® Detective.  SQLite database data is extremely important to today’s smart device examinations.  Not only will students receive training on the SQLite database format and creating SQL queries, but Property Lists, recovering deleted data, write-ahead-logs, shared-memory-files and interpreting database artifacts using the SQLite Viewer and secondary tools are covered. 


Course Objectives

  • Gain extensive knowledge on today’s smart devices including iOS, Android and Windows Phone.
  • Understand file system formats and data types found within major smart device operating systems.
  • Provide information to students to assist in locating, processing and recovering artifacts from the smart device file system.
  • Gain required knowledge to create advanced SQL queries to recover data from unsupported app and cache files within the smart device file system.
  • Students will gain valuable knowledge during the training that will assist in passing a certification examination


Required Student Resources

Students will receive a manual during class that will contain the class content and worksheets. Some class locations will require the student to supply their own laptop for the training.  

Evaluation Procedures and Grading Criteria

Students are evaluated on class participation and the final project.  Passing of class will earn Attendance Certificate and access to online certification examination.

Attendance Statement

Students cannot miss more than 1 hour of class to receive a certificate of attendance. Students completing the course will be eligible to take the Oxygen Forensic® User Certification exam free of charge within 30 days of completing the course.

Futher information and registration:

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