Date: 2019 | 5 Days

Venue: Kandel, Germany


SECUPRO Emergency Entry Training


Date: 2019 | 5 Days
Venue:    DE, 76870 Kandel, Barthelsmühlring 24
Presented by:  Secupro Government BV
Organiser:  mh SERVICE GmbH
Course language: English



Why come?

In case of emergency assistance or rescue situations where postponement of entry
is not acceptable and / or assistance from third parties cannot be waited on, you
can learn how to limit unnecessary damage to doors and windows but also achieve
your goal in a professional, safe and fast way with this course.


Course components:

Module 1
Recognition, operation and system application of locks systems.
Before basic skills can be learned, the student gets an insight in the most common
locking systems in country.

Module 2
Basic opening techniques such as latchcard, latch needles, slidier knife,
door handle tool, turn-tilt window opener and Basic lock opening techniques
are trained.

Module 3
Handling destructive opening tools, the purpose of this module is to provide
fast and effective access in all cases with minimal damage using specialised tools.


Course requirements:

Restricted to Government and civil protection organizations / organizations supporting
disaster relief.


Qualifications attained:

• Quick & effective non destructive or destructive entry
• Covert destructive entry
• Teamwork competences


All participants will receive official certification from Secupro after successfully
completing the course.


About the presenter:

Secupro is specialised in high end tracking & monitoring, audio and video deployment, installation and surveillance techniques, non-destructive covert operations solutions, surveillance training and project based training. All Secupro instructors are former police or military operatives who have experience in the field of covert law enforcement and governmental operations.


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