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Forensic Systems

developed and produced in-house to suit your requirements


With over 20 years of experience, mh SERVICE GmbH has in its portfolio a series of high-performance computing and server systems, specially designed for use in IT forensics.


You will find a range of fully configured systems on offer, and in technical terms which are always kept up-to-date. The systems are customizable to fit your individual needs.



Designed for stationary use in laboratories and offices, our workstations are characterized by maximum power and universality. Designed specifically for the use in computer forensics, we provide very high quality, technically current and designed for continuous use devices, the optimum support for your work…


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AntanalyzerAntanalyzer S-Type


Portable Devices

Most of the work can be done while you are in the field. You can see in our product range a number of devices that are specially developed for mobile use. Without the usual compromises in terms of performance in mobile components you can expect from us the full performance of a workstation, but this in a compact and mobile design.


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TrecorderBeeCubeCellCubeOxyCubeForensicCubeForensic Rugged LaptopSpyGetty PNA



The accumulating and processing data sets grow larger. Take advantage of this, the benefits of our server systems. Best performance with scalable and growing with the demands of storage options put your data from centralized use by multiple users at the same time the possibilities of the software, specially designed for use in computer forensics.


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NUIX ServerForensic ServerGeCoRI SystemKatanaOktaGraph